About Quality Vetco.


Quality Company for Veterinary Medicine Trade was established in 2012 to attending the local veterinary market in Jordan, the company has grown into one of the successful corporations in Jordan with wide range of products.

Quality Company, trading for (Broiler, layer, Breeder, Grandparents Broiler) poultry, Dairy Cattle, Sheep & Goat. Working with various exclusive products as Disinfectant, Veterinary Pharmaceutical, Vitamins & other feed additives.

From different national & international companies collecting different agencies from different part of the world like Medicavet®,Biofaktor®, Impextraco®,Ceetal®, Klaremelk®, Qalian® , Neovia®, Eurovet®, Pre-Treatment Solutions®, Care Free Enzymes®, Royalic®, Mazzoleni®, Egevizyon®.

 Quality Company provides unique reputation of honesty, loyalty, trust and high level of customer service.

Quality Company has unique mix of qualified, professional, experienced, knowledgeable veterinary doctors and agricultural engineers and aggressive sales team and accounting. With high quality goods and products provide the customer with best service to make them satisfied.

Today Quality Company sale and distribute in all Jordan market with huge and key customer.

Our Technical Support Department provides services and support to clients as help in laboratory test, training, HACCAP and ISO management and product descriptions.